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Innovating on a Budget - References

The following are open source technologies and companies mentioned in the “Innovating on a Budget”  presentation.

Open Source Systems at Credo Reference

Apache HTTP (Web server)

Apache Lucene (Search engine)

Apache SOLR (Search engine)

Apache Tomcat (Java application server)

eXist (XML Database server)

Hibernate (Database abstraction technology)

JBOSS (Java enterprise application server)

Joomla! (Content management system for websites)

JspWiki (Wiki engine)

PostgreSQL (Relational Database)

Prototype (Javascript framework)

Shibboleth (Single-Sign-On technology)

Spring (Java application framework)

YaxProxy (SRU server for z39.50 servers)

Open Source Systems for Libraries

Apache ModProxy (Web proxy)

CUFTS (OpenURL Link Resolver, ERM)

Drupal (Content management system for websites)

DSPACE (Digital Library)

E-Matrix (ERM)

Evergreen (Library management system)

Extensible Catalog (OPAC interface)

Greenstone (Digital Library)

Koha (Library management system)

LibData (Subject Guides)

OPALS (Library management system)

Orbeon Forms – Java-based XForms engine

Pazpar2 (Metasearch gateway)

Sopac (OPAC interface)

SubjectsPlus (Subject Guides)

Tesseract – OCR Engine

VuFind (OPAC interface)

VuDL (Digital Library)

Open Source Library System Support Firms

MediaFlex / Bibliofiche

ByWater Solutions

LibLime / PTFS

Library Cooperatives Providing Open Source Support



Software Engineering Partners


Cloud Computing Providers

Amazon EC2

Rackspace Cloud